The Fake Generation

The first social media platform that I ever used was MySpace because my friends told me I should make one.  When I first created my account, I got a new friend request.  Oh, how excited I was that someone wanted to friend me.  But of course, it was Tom Anderson, the creator of MySpace.  After […]

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That’s a Wrap! Wait…What?

Introduction to Mass Communication Technology was one of my favorite classes that I have taken at Creighton University. I came to Creighton wanting to be Biology major on the Pre-Dental track.  After freshmen year, I knew that was not the right path for me.  I took a few random courses to see what I would […]

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The Art of Public Relations

  I came to Creighton knowing nothing about PR.  I did not even know it was a field that someone could study.  Whenever I scroll through the internet, I always see advertisements or pop-up windows on every site.  I do not pay attention to them because they are very distracting. Prior to this reading, I […]

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Anything but Typical

Diana Sugg’s blog post, Angels and Ghosts: Anatomy of a Story is a compelling story. Before, I thought journalists were nosy people.  I looked down upon them.  They persistently bother people just so they can write a story.  There is no sense of privacy.  I have personally not met a journalist before.  However, I get […]

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